Q. Which documents are required for application? Can I apply with a provisional certificate for my previous studies?

A. The standard package of documents is listed there. You can apply with a provisional degree certificate, you may be requested to provide a support letter indicating that Diploma is not yet available (delivered) by your institution.

If you applying via CAMPUS FRANCE, please make a parallel application directly to UL, this will reduce the delays in the processing of your application.

Q.  Is there any allowance or support (fellowship) provided by the RNAES Master programme?

A. There is no financial support provided by the programme, but, in exchange, the admission fee is reasonable, around 475 €/year including student’s social security. During you internship in France (second semester) all students receive the same treatment (paid by the lab) about 420 €/month, this is a french law.

Q.  What is a starting date for teaching?

A. Teaching starts at the beginning of September, generally during the  first week (the exact date may vary).  We frequently schedule rather « light » teaching during the first week in order to allow people to come in time.

Q. When teaching is finished and when the results are announced?

A. Teaching takes place only during the autumn semester (september-december), the second semester (January-end of June) is dedicated to lab practical internship. The results of the autumn semester are announced in January, the final programme in June, just after presentation of your internship projects.

Q. How to get student’s accomodation in Nancy?

A. Please contact CROUS to fill-in the application form. We have no direct contacts with them. Alternatively, consider private accomodation facilities, but they are more expensive.

Q. After Master M2 RNAES, can I apply for PhD programm in France or in Europe?

A. YES! With European M2 diploma (like RNAES M2 Master) you are eligible to apply to any PhD programm in France or other european country.